Custom Harps

Whether you want to overblow or play Classic Chicago Blues, Deak can build a custom harp to meet your needs.
Deak has made custom harps for celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne and Dan Akroyd, as well as several players on the Blues scene, including Charlie Musselwhite, RJ Mischo, and Big George Brock. &nbsp
Contact Deak for latest pricing. Email: Phone: 217-218-2194

Deak’s harps come in 3 different levels of customization:

The Juke Special: 
– New stock Hohner Marine Band harmonica with original nails and stock comb.
– Deak opens the back portion of the cover plates for maximum airflow, and embosses the draw plate reeds for better tuning than you can get out of the box.

The Delta Deluxe: 
– In addition to the features of the Juke Special, the Deluxe features solid brass screws instead of nails for easy maintenance.
– The harp is opened up, both sets of reeds are painstakingly embossed, and every reed is inspected for perfect tuning.

The Mississippi Saxophone:
– All the bells and whistles of a Deluxe, but with rounded corners.
– Each comb is reconditioned, sanded, hand-painted, and sealed with an airtight beeswax seal to prevent swelling and leakage.