Deak’s Harmonica Block Party

Deak’s having a Harmonica Block Party on September 29th, and everyone is invited!
Come down to 3rd and Delta in Clarksdale, MS, and hang out with some of the best Blues players around! Featuring:
  • Steve Guyger
  • Little Joe McLerran with Flavio Guimaraes, harp virtuoso from Brazil
  • The Blues Doctors, featuring Adam Gussow
  • Devid Berntson
  • “Little Frank” Krakowski
  • Lee Williams Jr
  • RJ Mischo & Hash Brown
  • Carson Diersing
  • Billy Gibson and the RVs
  • Terry “Harmonica” Bean
  • Bill Abel & Jon Popper
  • “Cadillac” John Nolden
  • Jesse Cotton Stone

This party needs help to get off the ground – come check out our GoFundMe, donate, and reserve your advance tickets!